Building Learning offers on-line training and assessment in the courses listed below. For more details on the individual courses, please following the links.

Our training materials are optimised for desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. Participants are able to phone or email us at any stage with questions or requests for extra support. The text is written in plain English and accompanied by lots of graphics. Many of the technical topics also have accompanying video clips that provide narrated presentations of the lesson material.

To enrol in a course, please follow the links to the course you wish to enrol in and go to the bottom of the page for access to the enrolment form.

Timber essentials – accredited course

Timber Essentials is a ‘micro-credential’ aligned to four units of competency from the FWP (Forest and Wood Products) Training Package, delivered under the auspices of Workspace Training (RTO No. 91247).

There are four modules in this course:

Course fee

Course fee per participant: $495 (GST exempt). Discounts apply for multiple enrolments from the same organisation.

For full details, go to: Timber Essentials

Short courses – non-accredited

You may undertake one or more individual modules from Timber Essentials as a ‘non-accredited’ short course. Non-accredited courses do not have formal assessment requirements and aren’t linked to units of competency. However, you will still complete a structured course of study using the same content material as in the accredited version, and have the option to undertake the assessment tests if you wish.

Follow the links below for full details on the non-accredited short courses.

Please note that we do not deliver ‘accredited’ (compentency based) versions of these separate modules in an on-line format. This is because there is a large overlap in competency requirements between them, and the Timber Essentials accredited course allows the assessment activities to be integrated, or spread out across the modules. If you are seeking face-to-face accredited training in these individual units, or other competencies relating timber grading, please contact David McElvenny to discuss the options available.

Course fees

Individual course fee per participant: $145 (inc. GST)

Two courses undertaken together: $245 (inc. GST)

Three courses undertaken together: $325 (inc. GST)

Four courses undertaken together: $385 (inc. GST)

Discounts apply for large groups from the same organisation.