About this resource

Building Learning is an on-line training resource business that specialises in developing literacy-assisted course materials for timber workers.

We welcome feedback from users of the site, so if you have any suggestions for improvements or wish to make a comment, please contact David McElvenny at: david@workspacetraining.com.au.

Development team

Content writer, photographer: David McElvenny
Web developer, voice-over narrator: James McElvenny
Graphic artist: Kath Ware

About the directors

Building Learning is owned and operated by David McElvenny and James McElvenny.

David McElvenny has worked in the timber industry for 45 years. He is a former member of the Standards Australia TM3 (timber grading) committee and has been involved in training timber workers for the last 30 years. Over the years, he has developed a wide range of training resources with LLN (language literacy and numeracy) support built into the technical content, including many resources funded by federal and state government agencies. For more information about David’s training activities, go to: Workspace Training.

James McElvenny is an academic and software developer. With around 20 years' experience in creating innovative computer-based resources, he now focuses on the development of online platforms for the delivery of course material and assessment. For more information about his work, go to his professional webpage.